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We offer the everyday investor the same revolutionary technology that is transforming investment decision-making at cutting-edge Wall Street hedge funds.

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AI and machine learning are transforming how top Wall Street Hedge Funds invest. Why should they have all the fun and success? Get in now.

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The Q Invest app gives you the same level of advanced models of investing the big guys use. But it goes way beyond just picking stocks, it builds and manages diverse and multi asset portfolios so your money makes even more money!

You are a BMW.
Put away your VW expectations.

We put you in the driver’s seat, whether you are a novice or an all-star investor. We’re here to help. Get ready to put your financial independence in overdrive.

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Forbes Takes Majority Stake In Quantalytics AI Labs

Forbes CEO Mike Federle today announced that the company has acquired a majority stake in Quantalytics AI Labs (formerly Quantamize), a leading quantitative investment research and analytics company.

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Top Stocks To Short During Current Market Sell Off

The International Monetary Fund (“IMF”) came out with some grim news this morning, slashing economic forecasts again, and warning that the massive amounts of debt and deteriorating public finances are going to….

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